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The Visionary



LaQuentin"LyricalForte" is not just another spoken word artist--he's a prevention specialist as well as an advocate of words of wisdom and a conduit for the spirit of inspiration. He is dedicated to empowering and breathing life into the younger generation using his talent in the spoken word art form by addressing issues such as suicide, substance/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and low self-esteem in teens and young adults in our communities. He takes his mission seriously by also working hands-on with youth through community programs and workshops. An active listener will take heed to his words that sound like a siren calling for an awareness of the issues in our communities, but stimulate proactive initiatives to heal them. 


LaQuentin “ LyricalForte”  has found his purpose in life. Through the talent of spoken word, photography, and other passions he delivers powerful messages of overcoming, encouragement and knowing your worth.



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